Sand Dunes - Perla

North of Primorsko in the area between the lagoon Stamopolu and the beach is one of the best preserved dune complexes on our Black Sea coast. The ridges of the highest dunes reach up to 19 m in

Water lillies

Water Lilies Reserve is known for its large locality of water lilies and snowdrops growing in a forest with a long nature. You enter a specially made wooden bridge, where tourists can admire the

Beglik Tash

The lands of the town of Primorsko have been inhabited since ancient times. Numerous finds of ceramic vessels prove that as early as the third century BC. there was a connection with the peoples of

The Devil's River

The Devil's River springs from the Strandzha Mountain, passes through the town of Primorsko and flows into the Black Sea in the northern part of the central beach. It receives its waters from the


Arkutino Reserve is a swamp - lagoon, whose vegetation is made of reeds, rushes and white water lilies. Sea Wormwood Reserve is famous for its rich deposit of sea wormwood, which is used in the

Ropotamo Reserve

Ropotamo Reserve has an area of ​​1,000 ha and stretches around the two banks of the Ropotamo River. The park is inhabited by rare birds, wild boars, deer, deer and others. The Ropotamo Reserve

Ropotamo River

The river is not big, all its beauty comes from the magnificent long forest and beautiful water lilies. Longoz is a stunningly pristine flora. Ropotamo is formed by the rivers Rosenska and Tserovska

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